Top 5 Places You Need To See in Malta This Summer

If you haven’t been to Malta, you are missing a lot. There is a reason why millions of tourists from the United States, Australia, Canada, and Europe choose Malta every year as their preferred vacation destination. For such a small island, Malta has a lot of amazing attraction places.

From crystal clear blue beaches, charming sites, to breathtaking ancient sites, you can never run out of attraction sites when you come to Malta for your next vacation. One thing is for sure when you visit Malta, – you will go home with a memory that you will cherish forever. The uniqueness of this small island makes it look a little bit like an enchanted place just like you would see on Alice in Wonderland.

Some of these attractions are so beautiful that you must have seen them in Hollywood blockbuster movies. Moreover, this small island boasts of 3 tourist attraction under UNESCO world heritage protection list. You can never run out of places to see in Malta. This beautiful island will fulfill all your dreams for a perfect location. If you are looking for a holiday that you will love this summer, I will recommend that you come visit Malta. While you are in Malta, make sure you visit these 5 best attraction sites listed below:


  1. Valetta

Every year, millions of people visit this old quiet city. Valetta is the new capital of Malta and it is one of the three UNESCO world heritages you will see in Malta. It is a fortified city with a strategically important seaport.

Without a doubt, the entire city of Valletta shows the grandeur of the Knights of Malta. According to the history, this small island was granted to the European noblemen by the King of Spain in 1530. Today, Valletta is on par with other great European capitals.

This city is bounded by two harbors – Marsamxett Harbor and Grand Harbor. Valletta is popular for its ancient houses, vibrant ports, and narrow streets.


  1. Hal Saflieni Hypogeum

This is one place in Malta that you need to see. It is so unique that you will never see something like it anywhere else in the world. Hal Saflieni Hypogeum is an underground temple. According to scientists, this underground temple was built more than 5000 years ago. Over 7000 skeletons have been discovered inside this temple leading historians to believe it must be a burial place.

Hal Saflieni Hypogeum has three levels. However, entry to the deepest room in the lower level is very limited. Only about 10 visitors are allowed per hour and there is about 2-3 wait for a ticket. To see this room, you must reserve a ticket in advance. Once you see this place, you will question a lot of things in life.

  1. Gozo Island

A visit to Malta is not complete until you have visited Gozo Island. This is the most idyllic destination of the Maltese islands. Gozo Island has so many attractions sites, quiet towns, pastoral landscape, and pristine beaches.

Gozo Island is a perfect place to have a dream vacation with your family. There are tons of attractions places here to keep you and your family occupied for a number of days. This island has a beautiful citadel in the middle of Victoria town, Rambla Bay, natural salt pans, Callypso caves, and Ggantija temple. While you are here, make sure you indulge yourself in sundried tomatoes, cheese, wine, olives, raviolis, and rabbit stew.


  1. Mdina

Known as the “Silent City” and old capital of Malta, this city has played host to a lot of Hollywood blockbuster movies. Mdina is a fairy-tale city in hilltop. To enter this city, you must enter through the dramatic Main Gate. No car is allowed to enter into this city. The passage through the Main Gate will give you an impression of walking back in time.

While you are here, make sure you see the Cathedral of Saint Paul. This architectural wonder was designed by Lorenzo Gafa – Maltese architect. Another must-see sight in Mdina is the Palazzo Falson, a 13th-century palace. You can get to see excellent arts and antiquities collection here. You will certainly enjoy exploring the beautifully renovated narrow streets, squares, and alleys in Mdina.

  1. Comino

This car-free and a virtually uninhabited island is a home of the famous Blue Lagoon. This small island is very well-loved by divers, surfers, and anyone that wants a quiet relaxation. You can sit in the white sand all day watching an intensely blue sea making your day awesome. There are tons of activities you can do here, you can take a nap in the sun or swim over to the islet of Cominotto. Comino Island is perfect for your winter vacation.





Features Image by By 320rwekfpl at sv.wikipedia [Public domain], from Wikimedia Commons

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