Foods in Malta are very delicious. It’s something to look forward to anytime you are coming to this beautiful country. This place may be a small island but it has a list of endless restaurants that offer wide varieties of cuisines.

Finding where to eat a good food in Malta is very easy. Most foods here are Italian-influenced while others are purely local. You can as well find restaurants that serve American dishes. The great thing about eating in Malta is that there is a restaurant for everyone, if you are looking for a casual meal out, some street eats or you want a more upscale plate of food, you will definitely find what you are looking for here.

Before heading to Malta or if you are already in Malta and you are searching for best places to eat, you will need this article as a guide.

Here, I have listed some of the best restaurants you can eat local or foreign foods. Most of the restaurant on this list don’t just offer delicious meal but have excellent services and incredible view. You will definitely love to eat in any of these restaurants named below:


  1. Palaza Preca (In Valletta)

I certainly have a thing for this restaurant in Valletta. So far, they have managed to win my heat. This restaurant offers tasty Mediterranean cuisine to tourists to this historical 16th-century palazzo in Valletta.

The taste of foods here is just heavenly. You can enjoy a wide range of fresh fish and seafood such as prawns, sea bass, and even octopus. Each food can be complemented with locally-made wines. When you are done with your meal, there are homemade sweet for dessert. The service here is great; you will certainly enjoy eating here when you are in Valletta.


  1. Malata (in Valletta)

Malata is a great restaurant to consider when you found yourself in Valletta. It is a perfect place to enjoy everything Maltese. If you are salivating for French or Mediterranean cuisine, you will also find it here.

The unique location of this restaurant in a relaxed atmosphere makes it an excellent dining space. It is situated in the square outside of the Grand Master’s Palace and offers an excellent view across the city when you choose the outdoor tables. When enjoying the quality food here, they will complement the food with a fine selection of wines and good music. There is no doubt that you will love to eat here. It has a great ambiance and serves great delicious dishes.


  1. Ta’ Frenc (In Gozo)

When you are in Gozo, you deserve to eat the best foods whether Maltese cuisine or Italian-influenced foods as well as other options. The best place to eat in Gozo remains Ta’ Frenc – an award-winning restaurant. This is the only restaurant in the island that offers a unique fusion of traditional Maltese dishes with French cuisine.

Ta’ Frenc offers fresh fish and seafood. You are guaranteed of these foods being fresh. In fact, they have quails, chickens, and rabbits being reared specifically for this restaurant just outside of the restaurant.


  1. Tarragon (St. Paul’s Bay)

Tarragon was founded in 2007 but has grown so fast to become one of the best places to eat a delicious meal on the island. Over the years, this restaurant has won numerous local awards for their dishes as well as their excellent services.

Tarragon has a superb menu which includes but is not limited to pasta dishes, soups, and innovative main courses prepared with local ingredients such as vegetables which are uniquely grown for the restaurant. The great ambiance here as well as tasty dishes, and excellent service will leave you very impressed.


  1. Da Pippo Trattoria (In Valletta)

Da Pippo Trattoria is another awesome place to eat in Valletta. It is also one of the oldest restaurants in the capital city. This restaurant has been around for more than 40 years. It is the best place to eat traditional lunch in the city.

Da Pippo Trattoria is very unique. It opens only during the lunchtime. There is no fixed menu; you will make your choice from what is available. Of course, they cook according to what is fresh in the market. No doubt, Da Pippo Trattoria serves superb foods, has a great ambiance and provides world-class service. You will totally enjoy yourself when you come here for lunch.