Malta is the hidden jewel of the Mediterranean Sea. This place has all it takes to get your dream vacation come true. From the blue, colorful vibes to baroque architecture, Malta has something for everyone.

There are many reasons to visit Malta both in summer and winter. The pristine clear Mediterranean water, friendly locals, cheap prices, ample hiking, and amazing architectures are just some of the reasons to visit Malta. Many vacation seekers who have visited Malta in the past described it as a treasure in Europe. In fact, many have returned to this island after their first holiday in Malta.

You know the best part? You don’t have to be rich to spend your next holiday in Malta.


How Expensive is Malta?

With many crystal clear blue beaches, beautiful architectures, amazing adventure places, and tasty foods, one would expect Malta to be an expensive vacation destination. Surprisingly, Malta is very cheap. You can afford to come to vacation in Malta on a budget.

Malta is not as expensive as you think. In fact, your vacation in Malta may be one of the cheapest holidays you will have in Europe. In this article, you will learn of various ways you can visit Malta on a budget.


Where Exactly is Malta Located?

This tiny archipelago is located in the Mediterranean Sea. It is sandwiched between Italy and Tunisia. Malta has its international Airport in Luqa.  There are three main islands in Malta and they include Gozo, Malta, and Comino.


Flying to Malta

If you are coming from Europe, you can easily find cheap flights. Last time we check, you can find cheap flights from the following places:

  • Paris to Malta: Eur 150
  • London to Malta: Eur 50
  • Amsterdam to Malta: Eur 159
  • Valencia to Malta: Eur 40
  • Rome to Malta: Eur 34


Please note that these flight prices are subjected to changes and may differ depending on your location. Some of the airline companies that fly to Malta include Ryanair, easyJet, Air Malta, and Lufthansa.



Hotels in Malta are cheap. The price for these hotels can range from EUR 40 to EUR 150. However, you can save a lot of money when you choose other types of accommodations such as AirBnB which is ridiculously cheap. Another cheap accommodation option is to stay in tourist hostels.

Another great way to save money on accommodations is to travel off-season. Prices of hotels tend to be cheaper during the off-season. Alternatively, you can stay in dorms or split AirBnB units with a friend. If you are looking for cheap accommodation in Malta when you visit, you can use the website such as to find good but affordable accommodations.

If you wish to stay in a hotel, you can find a lot of good hotels in St. Julian and Valletta. There are also good hotels in Paul’s Bay.


Food and Drink

A place like Gozo Island in Malta is known for their agricultural prowess. It is no wonder why foods are inexpensive in Malta. Moreover, there are a lot of tasty Malta cuisines you would want to try when you find yourself in this amazing island.

Foods are very cheap in places like Gozo Island but relatively expensive in St. Julian, Valletta, Marsaxlokk, and Sliema’s boardwalk.

I will recommend you stick to Pastizzi if you want to save money on food. It costs about EUR 2. There are tons of vegans and vegetarian restaurants spread throughout this island, you will find affordable foods in these restaurants. Make sure you avoid snacking and cook your own food if you are looking forward to saving money.

Features image by giggel [CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons