Do you need a perfect holiday? You should consider Malta. This tiny, beautiful archipelago is hidden in southern Europe close to the Mediterranean Sea. It has a population of less than half a million and the country size is just about 12 square miles. As a country with very small land size, it is densely populated. The capital city is Valletta where you can see all the best hotels, restaurants as well as attraction places.

What makes Malta unique is that it is indeed very beautiful with a very friendly population. There are a lot of places you can see when you come to Malta. In fact, Malta is one of the most concentrated historical sites and UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

During the Second World War, Malta was used as a naval base. Many colonizers such as Britain and Spain ruled this small island at some point in their history. The weather here is perfect all year round. Perhaps, this is the reason why Malta is gaining more popularity in the recent time as a travel destination.

Malta uses euro as their official currency while English and Maltese are their official languages. They also have an international Airport for people coming from Europe and other parts of the world. Before you come to Malta, you may be required to have a visa as well as a return ticket except if you are a British or EU passport holders that required only to have their passport.

Once you are in this beautiful archipelago, there are many things to see and do. Some of these things include:


  1. The Fallen Azure Window in Gozo

This is one of the most popular attraction sites in Malta. In fact, your visit to Malta won’t be complete without seeing the Azure Window. Recently, a storm caused the Azure Window to fell into the sea and disappear. Sad as it is to watch it go, you can still visit the site especially if you are a diver. You can dive to visit the Azure window arch which fell into the ocean. However, since it is still relatively new, make sure you listen to the instructions of local organizers.


  1. Ta’ Pinu Basilica in Gozo

While still in Gozo, make sure you see this Basilica before you go. It is located a good 35-minute walk from Gharb on Gozo. This place is picture-perfect and it serves as something you would want to show your friends back home at the end of your visit.


  1. The Upper & Lower Barrakka Gardens

This place is stunningly beautiful. It is one of the best places you can get an incredible view across the grand natural harbor. Since it is the highest point of the historic walls, you can get a peek across the harbor when you are here.


  1. The Blue Grotto

Located on the southern end of Malta, the Blue Grotto is one of the popular attraction sites in Malta. You can reach this place by boat. Fortunately, a lot of hotels in Valletta will be willing to help you arrange for a boat. However, make sure you visit before the midday because it is the only time to see a unique mix of incredible blues and underwater scenery that’s transformed with the morning sunlight.


  1. St Joseph’s Church, Msida,

One thing you will discover about the people here is that they have a strong Catholic faith which permeates their way of living. While you are in Valletta, you will need to see this incredible church. It is not too far from the center of Valletta. If you are in Malta in July, plan your visit to coincide with Msida’s feast of St. Joseph.


  1. Sunset at Senglea Harbor

It is hard not to visit Valletta when you are in Malta. While you are here, you can take that opportunity to see the natural harbor of Valletta. You need to visit the Senglea Harbor area during sunset to witness how the sun lights up the stoney buildings with its beautiful orange glow. This sight alone will make your day. Make sure you don’t miss it.


  1. Rotunda of Mosta

You don’t need to go to Rome again after visiting the inside of Rotunda of Mosta. This place was designed and modeled after Pantheon itself. As of today, this Rotunda is the 3rd largest unsupported dome in the entire world. It will be amazing to finally see it in person.