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If you are like me and you have a burning desire for traveling, you will love it here. I love my freedom… Traveling is freedom. I started traveling since I was 11 years old and it becomes something I do on a professional level since I was 21 years old.


Today, I don’t just love travel; I share my experience here on my blog so other people can learn. By visiting my travel blog, you will always learn helpful tip to make your next travel even better.

For me, traveling is not just a hobby, it is a calling, this is why I’m so dedicated on giving you the best advice and recommendations that you won’t see on any other travel blog. I’m happy whenever my fans write to tell me how they were able to get to their destination or enjoy their dreamed vacation as a result of the help they get on my blog.



My promise to you is to make your next travel even better. I share my travel experience so that you won’t have to deal with obstacles I encountered but enjoy the deals I enjoyed. Anytime you want to travel, make sure you visit my blog first. You can learn a thing or two. I provide a firsthand travel advice that is bound to help you make your travel experience awesome.



Preparing for your next travel or have a question? I’m always available for you. Simply reach out to me on info@atp.com.mt and I will get back to you instantly.


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I love first-hand travel experiences. Don’t hesitate to contact me to share your first-hand travel experiences. I will love to publish it on my blog.